Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MSI Wind = Ten-Inch Screen MacBook?

A very intriguing video that could possibly boost MSI Wind sales even higher. It shows Mac OS X Leopard apparently booting on an MSI Wind subnotebook -- and I guess it's being done, in this demo video at least, via a USB storage keychain drive.

Arranque iAtkos MSI Wind

I expect we'll soon see reports of it actually being done via the Wind's internal 80GB hard drive. It will be interesting to see if all of the Wind's components can be used: WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and USB ports, and webcam.

iATKOS is described as:
iATKOS is considered by osx86/hackintosh community to be the holy grail of "white box PC" Leopard releases. Under development since the time of Leopard's finalization, the iATKOS project has undergone several tentative release announcements, followed by bug fixes, feature additions, and consequent delays and postponement. This finalized v1.0i release will incorporate the monumental PC-EFI boot loader system, a fully patched 10.5.1 installation, and additional community made content. These components may provide for the first time, a consummate white box Leopard experience, with full support for certain combinations of hardware, and the ability to use the vanilla kernel and official Apple updates on Intel Core 2 systems. PPC code has also been removed, so the entire file is smaller in size.

There's also more at this OSx86 wikipedia entry.

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