Monday, July 14, 2008

The Smart Car Cult

I've been playing hooky from my self-imposed duties and reading a bit about the Smart car.

These owners are like Mac owners!

My God, one person has to wait a year and a half for one (scroll down)!

This observation cracked me up to no end:
38 mpg sounds good but $0.11 per mile (just for gas) does not

Eleven cents to go a mile. Eleven freakin cents?! Use mass transit in NYC -- it'll cost you two dollars to go a mile. (Yeah, you can go further than that, but if your trip is one mile and the walk is hell -- as it often is here on Satan Island -- you take the damn bus!) And then another two dollars to get back!

Man, you people who have cars. You're all going to have to get used to a new perspective when gas skyrockets and you can't afford those piggy SUVs any longer!

In the meantime, these people with Smart cars are all giddy and bubbling with excitement over their gas-stingy babies.

I'm adding Smart car bookmarks now.

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