Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brief eBook Items

Plastic Logic Previews Electronic-Reading Device

I refrained from commenting about that until I learned more. I've just seen the video from DEMO (at the link above). Eh. The emphasis is Business. This is Suit eBook 1.0. The touchscreen is a nice ... uhhh ... touch, but didn't seem to work flawlessly in the demo (then again, demos hardly ever work flawlessly!). I expect this to have Suit Pricing: $600-$800. It's not a mass-market item.

PD James is top e-book for Faber
Two of the first 20 e-books launched by Faber last week are topping Waterstone's e-books sales chart, according to the publisher. Faber launched its e-book list to coincide with the arrival of the Sony Reader in Waterstone's stores. The launch list includes PD James' most recent novel The Private Patient, which was Waterstone's bestselling e-book. The Pocket Book of General Ignorance, by John Lloyd, Stephen Fry and John Mitchinson, was in second place.

Retailers eye 'sold out' Sony Reader
John Lewis, Currys, Dixons, and House of Fraser plan to stock the Sony Reader once its two-week exclusive period with bookseller Waterstone’s comes to an end next week. The news came as Waterstone’s said that it had “sold out” of the “thousands” of devices it had in stock.

A number of other high street names are also understood to be considering selling the device, after its successful UK launch. The device is also listed on, but the retailer said that this was to enable third parties to sell the Reader off its site. None are available as yet.

Here is the killer bit for me:
John Lewis will be stocking an exclusive e-reader in stores from October, available online from 19th September. The chain is launching a red version of the product with a burgundy case[.]

Emphasis added by me.

Red! A Red Sony Reader is coming to England! (Do you know I haven't found a single damned picture from an owner of a red Sony Reader on the entire Internet?!!)

Controversial Dating Manual Being Re-Released as an E-Book
/24-7PressRelease/ - Los Angeles, September 09, 2008 - Controversial dating guide The Art Of Mackin, a book that boasted about teaching men "how to be players", is being re-released as an e-book exclusively on the website Art Of Mackin' book, written by dating expert and self proclaimed "game advisor" Tariq Nasheed, was initially released in 2000. It eventually became a New York Times best seller, selling over 250,000 copies.

I Have No Freakin Idea.

This is what the cover of the eBook looks like on the sales site:

But no mention of what format the eBook is in. I suspect PDF.

There is a Tariq Nasheed wikipedia entry.

And a reminder: Vote for eBooks in the Guardian online newspaper poll! No registration is required! It takes a few seconds! Do it now!

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