Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blog Notes: Collapse Warning

I'm bracing myself for this week.

Most of the posts will likely be Chronicles of Depression 2.0 one right after the other, for several days running. News is going to move so damned fast. I'll do this probably until things reach the point where I can't do it any longer (because of external analog-world events, like having to do a supermarket run at the last minute, or, in this digital world, the Internet itself melting down).

If that's not your cup of tea, well, you have fair warning now.

I suggest Following me on Twitter. Although I didn't plan to do this, I'm now using it to post a link to each new post. That way, you can skip the economic ones and cherry-pick the very rare writing or eBooks or -- even rarer now -- tech posts.

I hoped for over nine months to avoid this. This topic went from being an irregular undercurrent of this blog to something that now overwhelms everything else.

One last thing: no matter what the hell happens, I still intend to break away from the keyboard around 9PM EDST and sleep. While that's still possible.

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