Monday, September 29, 2008

Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #285: YOU

This is what you should be told on TV. This is what none of you have considered.

How the failure to pass the bailout will inevitably and inexorably affect you:

1) Your credit card will be canceled without warning

2) No credit card could mean no cellphone (you do have a landline phone, right?)

3) No credit card could mean a crash-course in cash-only, which many people simply cannot do -- especially those newly unemployed -- and for you techies: say goodbye to your PayPal account!

4) Your insurance rates will go up: car, home, small business, medical

5) If you run a business, you will not be able to meet payroll

6) If you are an employee of such a business, good luck meeting your bills -- especially if your credit card is gone

7) Certain goods will become scarce or very expensive because oceanic shipping companies cannot get the loans they need to operate

8) Certain goods will become scarce or very expensive because domestic truckers will go out of business due to lack of credit

9) If your daily needs have been run via credit card, say goodbye to your Internet, cable TV, pay TV, etc.

10) Expect utilities to hammer down on overdue payments

11) Your local government will curtail services as well as greatly increase fees, such as tolls and licenses

12) You will encounter people asking you for money all the time. Not just on the street, but people ahead of you in line in a store who "come up short."

Those are just twelve things. Off the top of my head.

At some point, someone will do a comprehensive article. Maybe then you'll believe.

I've already covered what happens beyond that: American Gotterdammerung.

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