Friday, September 12, 2008

Sony Reader Launching In France!

French chain condemns exclusive Sony deal
Hachette Livre and French chain Fnac have entered into an exclusive arrangement with Sony that will allow them to sell the Sony Reader for €300 across the country from October. But the deal has been condemned by rival French chain Virgin Megastore, which claims that the move could further "hamper the development of supply for legal downloading".

Hachette Livre declined to comment on Virgin's protest ahead of the joint press conference to be held next Tuesday by the Sony France, Fnac and Hachette Livre chief executives, Philippe Citro├źn, Christophe Cuvillier and Arnaud Nourry, to announce the marketing plans for the launch of the Sony Reader in France next month.

Emphasis added by me.

England, now France. I've also read a rumor of Germany soon too.

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