Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Sony Reader Revolution: Poor Planning!

I debated with myself whether or not to attend the Sony Reader Revolution event that's supposed to be taking place at a nearby Borders today.

I double-checked the schedule and it turns out it will be repeated tomorrow (Sunday, September 21), so I have a second chance at it.

However, I made it a point this morning to pass by the Borders I intended to visit and from the outside you'd never guess they even stocked the Sony Reader. There was nothing to advertise any sort of event!

Further, I went to the website for this particular Borders and yeesh!

First, the website for that Borders:

Click = big

Now, the list of events held at that store:

Click = big

Ummm ... something seems to be missing there.

Now, what could it be? Right: A notice that the frikkin Sony Reader is going to be pimped there!

In fact, on the front page of the Borders website, you'd never know:

1) That Borders has been carrying the Sony Reader for years
2) That Borders actually wants to sell the Sony Reader
3) That Borders in fact sells eBooks for the Sony Reader!

I asked once before about whether or not Borders knows it has the Sony Reader.

Someone from Borders even left a Comment that, yessiree Bob, we haz the Sony Reader.


1) Is that guy still working at Borders?
2) Who is responsible for this continued -- and now epic -- fuck-up?

Every misstep like this gives Jeff Bezos a Kindlegasm.

I don't want the eBook Revolution Kindle-ized!

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