Thursday, September 4, 2008

Waterstone's eBook Site: FAIL!

Waterstone's eBook Site

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Really, how can a site based on computers be so completely screwed-up in its options?

I can sort A-Z or Z-A -- by Book Title.

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I cannot sort at all on Author Name. WTF?!

And get this: If I click on an author's name in eBooks, I get all printed books and eBooks for that author! How stupidly unhelpful is that when wanting just an eBook?

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I can't even do Search on Author Name because Search is site-universal, meaning I wind up getting results for printed books, when all I want are eBook results!

Does anyone -- anyone at all -- with a frikkin fully-functioning brain sit down and vet these things before launch?! This isn't, say, trying to decode the mysteries of human DNA or launching a probe into outer space. For God's sake, computers are made to sort and to search through information! Why cripple that ability?!

At some point there will be a Cluster of Suits over at Waterstone's wondering why eBook sales are utter shit. Clue: You are stopping people from being able to buy what they want!

Starving to death at the door of Waterstone's eBook store!

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BW said...

Try Sony's ebook store,

it provides proper search facilities, a wider coice of books, and its cheaper than Waterstone's.

TheStartIsNigh said...

Sony's store is great, has loads more books than Waterstones feeble attempt, but is only available in USA & Canada. I have a reader with nothing to read. Think I'll return my eBook reader