Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Apple's Marketing Blunder Of 2009

Apple CEO Jobs absent from Macworld lineup

With clarification and more details:

Apple Announces Its Last Year At Macworld, Steve Jobs Not Delivering Keynote

Hey, no one has to tell me the economy is total shit.

But this is huge mistake.

It telegraphs:

1) No Big New Product (goodbye, iPod Air/iPod Touchbook!)

2) It crushes the spirits of all Apple/Mac lovers

3) It leaves the field wide open for Palm to dominate the spotlight in January


Can you imagine the near-maniacal exuberance that's taking place in Palm HQ right now -- as they realize they now have a clear field? As all those worries evaporate about Apple crushing their CES unveiling?

Here's the reaction from Twitter ... look at the progression!


It hit The New York Times!

And then the Big One:

Meanwhile over at Palm HQ:

The Media Spotlight will be all ours!!!!

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