Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Conclusion Of Mike Cane 2008

Pull the strings! Pull the strings!

And for a year, I have.

I had no frikkin idea what nearly a solid year of blogging would be like.

Dear God. I am wiped out!

Some days made me absolutely fucking insane. Even without Simvastatin rotting my mind!

And now I have reached the end.

Two bits of advice before I go.

The first for dealing with the financial chaos of 2009:

The second for every writer and would-be writer out there:

And that's all there is.

Thanks to everyone who stalked this blog, irregularly popped in, and also linked to it.

My online presence will now flatline. I'll likely -- maybe -- pop up on Twitter for reaction to MacWorld Expo and CES introductions.

But a new blog? I have no plans for one.

I need rest!

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