Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lost Movie: Quest For Love

I was in YouTube, digging around for something totally unrelated, when I got it into my head to put "Quest for Love" into the Search box.

I had to pick my jaw off the floor and superglue in back in place when the first ten minutes of this lost movie came up as a result!

Watch this.

It was never widely sold on VHS. It's never been put on DVD (where are you, Criterion?!). It's very hard to get now as a used VHS tape.

This movie was based on a story called Random Quest by John Wyndham. The original short story is a tale told in conversational flashback fashion and really lacks the charm and faster pace of the movie adaptation (which is by Terrence Feely!).

The script moves along at a very fast pace in the beginning, as you'll see. The bulk of the film is a wonderful little character study of alternate existence, missed chances, redemption, and lost opportunities. It's the direct precursor, in film form, of Somewhere in Time.

I'm lucky to have a used VHS of it from eBay many years back (which I still haven't watched -- my Backlog Pile is big!!).

It's absolutely criminal that so few people know of this movie and that it's not easily available in pristine condition on DVD.

Enjoy. But I warn you, you'll want to see the rest of it after this.


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