Saturday, July 12, 2008

iDay 2008 + 1 = LONG Lines!!!

This is why I didn't get to fondle an iPhone 3G this morning at the Apple Soho Store -- there were two hundred people lined up to get in!!

This is 9:15AM this morning, Saturday, July 12, 2008!

Approaching Apple Store Soho. WTF?!

Line stretches to the corner …

… then around it …

… and uppppp the block …

… has a short break at one point (driveway entry) …

… and finally ends just short of the next corner!

The view from the back!

When I deserted my quest for some iPhone 3G heavy tech molestation, I walked down Broadway and the AT&T near Spring Street had fifty people lined up outside! One maniac had a ginormous MacBook Pro balanced on his right forearm while he typed on it with his left hand!

Photos taken with the Philips crapcam; which is why they're crappy. (So don’t curse that iPhone camera!)

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