Sunday, July 20, 2008

iPhone Wireless Printing?

Wireless printing coming to the iPhone?

Huh? What?

What's the point? What's there to print out? And to what?

Is Apple going to release a new portable Bluetooth printer (as hp and Canon have?)?

What about connecting an iPhone or iPod Touch to a Bluetooth keyboard?!!? Once text input can be done, then I'd see a need for a printer.

Yeah, OK, all the photo addicts will tell me they want a way to get hardcopy of the pictures they've taken with their iPhone camera. But ... why?! Even for that, I'd want to see some sort of basic photo retouching app (you know, kill red eye, brighten, fix contrast, scale).

Wait: You mean people will want to print out, say, Google maps or directions? Yeesh!

Leave a Comment here if you see a use I've missed.

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