Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Writer 2.0: Book Promotion 2.0

Mini Book Expo for Bloggers

I found this via Twitter (searching on "book" for people to follow).

This is a very, very clever idea.

Go to the blog, see what books are being offered. If one interests you, you can get it for free if you commit to writing about it on your blog after reading it.

So far, there's been nothing that's attracted my interest (besides which, those on my Endless Backlog would kill me for letting someone jump the queue!).

This is a great way to spread the word about books. Think about it: Someone has already expressed an interest and will read it. Compare that to books sent out wholesale to "reviewers" -- unread copies of which (complete with inserted publisher press releases!) I used to buy at great discounts at the Strand (when I still bought lots of print).

It seems only two publishers are currently involved (at least, two publishers who are paying for shipping the books). I'd like to see more publishers jump on this.

See the FAQ for details.

I also wonder how this would work out with eBooks?

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