Sunday, August 10, 2008

Writer Christopher Fowler Is Blogging!


I knew Christopher Fowler was a modern sorta guy, but doing an actual blog is a step into Writer 2.0 territory and I'm glad he's doing it!

I've done my like-a-little-girlie gushing over the genius of his writing and the genius of his Bryant & May series (see end of post) and now I can gush and rave over his blog posts too.

For all of you deprived souls who have yet to meet Bryant & May, Fowler has created a blog post especially for you: The History Of Bryant & May. It's just the barest of tastes.

For Bryant & May veterans, there's: The Boozy Story Behind ‘The Victoria Vanishes’, which does a behind-the-scenes of the latest (out now!) novel in the series.

Here's a quote from the blog post, Hang on, Roger Moore?
Well, we’ve been getting some interesting casting suggestions for Bryant & May lately, but Roger Moore? Can he even move any part of his face anymore? The last time I saw him on TV was sitting in the audience of the New Year’s Eve concert from Vienna (at least I think it was him, it might have been a cello).

I never, ever would have considered Roger Moore. May deserves better, surely!

Christopher Fowler's works are available as ebooks, so you Kindle kultists can go buy and download them now. And you blessed people with iPhones can fetch them right now from eReader (who really needs to work on their links!). (Yes, you people with a Sony Reader can buy them right now too, but then cable them over to the Reader. Not quite instant gratification...)

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