Sunday, August 10, 2008

Writer Derek Raymond

A Woefully Underdesigned Webpage on the Topic of Mr. Derek Raymond, alias Mr. Robin Cook, the Author.
Derek Raymond was born Robin Cook in 1931. His novels include A State of Denmark, The Crust on its Uppers, I was Dora Suarez and How the Dead Live, which was made into a film. The son of a textile magnate, he dropped out of Eton aged sixteen and spent much of his early career among criminals and was employed at various times as a pornographer, organiser of illegal gambling, money launderer, pig-slaughterer and mini-cab driver. He died in London in 1994.

Because he shouldn't be forgotten.

Because you've probably never heard of him.

Because if you read any of his Factory novels, your head will never be the same, ever ever again.

Because, goddammit, I want his work in ebooks.

In the old blog:

Derek Raymond: He Makes All Others Look Like Shit

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