Saturday, November 22, 2008

How To Market A Book On The Net

Getting Great Reviews For Your Book contains within it this essay: How to Get Free Targeted and Sincere Reviews For Your Book.

And within is something so jaw-dropping that I'm going to show a screensnap of it because I think it's otherwise unbelievable:

Although I applaud her for confessing to that, I still have to ask: Whatever went through her mind to even try that?

I ripped this apart at my old blog: PayPerScum, Like This Shit Is News?, and also in My Response To “10 Things Your Blogger Won’t Tell You”.

Just this very day I got a tweet about a conflict-of-interest at -- of all places! -- NPR, having to do with the weekly program The Infinite Mind. Here's The New York Times article.

Never, ever pay for a posting. Never!

There are too many scam sites on the Net as it is trying to lead people astray. To try to market your book that way seems just about criminal to me. How could anyone go through life pointing to vanity reviews as proof of a book's value? Even with books that get honest excellent reviews, there will be people who disagree.

OK, enough about that.

The remainder of the article provides excellent tips for going about getting real reviews.

One thing I'd add: Have the publisher get some copies to Mini Book Expo for Bloggers.

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