Friday, November 28, 2008

Romance Fans Tell Me To Fuck Off!

No, like seriously. And without even a link to me, that's how mad they are!

The Romance Apologia Scale
Last week I wrote about my own reader bias. When Mike Cane first confronted me with his incredulity that I rarely read male authors, my first response was a defensive one and an apologetic one. No, I don’t read solely female authors. But I think my first response should have been “why not?” because the fact is, I get plenty of penis point of view and always have. I’ve been through 7 years of post secondary education. I remember in philosophy class that my professor called the cadre of philosophers DWEBS - Dead White English Boys. The entirety of my education was dominated by men. The only female professors I had was in history (she was a women’s history specialist) and in contracts in law school. My bosses have all been male. I would venture that 85% of the opinions I read are authored by men. Judges on the bench? Largely white and male. The penis and its thought process is everywhere - i.e., Viagra is covered by insurance but birth control is not.

Keep reading down for the Quiz.

Surely Answer 4 was inspired by me!

(And here I be, with not only Dear Author in this blog's bookmarks, but writers Ann Somerville and Zoe Winters too!)

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