Thursday, December 4, 2008

What You Should Know About POD

POD = Print On Demand.

In about ten years, you'll be going to a FedEx-Kinko's for a printed book. No more bookstores. FedEx-Kinko's will have a POD kiosk.

POD SECRETS REVEALED: Hot Air on Some POD Publishers' Websites By Angela Hoy, co-owner of BookLocker
At BookLocker, we are frequently contacted by authors who say they are surprised by our candor. We never tell authors their book might become a best seller...because it probably won't (most traditionally published books never become best sellers, either). We don't twist our words around to make it appear an author's book will be stocked by "25,000" bookstores. It won't. And we don't publish verbiage that makes an author think we do something we don't. We just don't do business that way.

Authors appreciate our honestly because they have read so much confusing blurbage on other POD publishers' websites.

Here are a few examples of what we believe is "hot air" on some POD publishers' websites. Of course, this is our opinion. You can form your own.

Interesting behind-the-scenes peek at an industry I usually ignore.

-- via Twitter from slipdown (whose blog is also worth reading!)

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