Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quote: Jeff Jarvis

The myth of the creative class
But internet triumphalists, like me, argue that the internet opens up creativity past one-size-fits-all mass measurements and priestly definitions and lets us not only find what we like but find people who like what we do.


I'd just read something like that the other day ...
I’ve read hand-wringing by the pearl-clutchers and future-fearers, who try to hang onto their slim spot on the melting melting melting iceberg of print by positing the future will see the rise of “curators,” who will sift through and separate the Worthy from the Unworthy.

Guess what, you retarded eejits? There is no longer a notion of Unworthy! Everything gets on the Net. There is finally Something For Everybody. Your insipid snooty-nosed idea of what’s Worthy is dead.

Your mindset of gatekeeping is gone. The Berlin Wall fell. The Berlin Wall in your minds needs to fall too.

Oh wait!

(For the eejits out there who won't understand what I'm doing here [and will such eejits please stop reading this blog?], I'm not implying that Jarvis is mimicking me. I'm showing how more than only one person believes this. And since Jarvis puts it in much more Suit-palatable terms than I do -- or wish to! -- the Suits had better start waking up from their puddles of mud.)

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