Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chronicles Of Depression 2.0: #382: Tech

Trippin’ With Trip: One Man’s View Of Carnage To Come

Two items of note:
“Many startups are starting to fold.” He contends that “almost every” VC funded open-source company is struggling and will run out of funds within the next 6 months. He also says that “many VC funded Web 2.0 companies are shutting down … the Web 2.0 fad is now coming to an end.” He has a similarly dark view on the prospects for software as a service start-ups.

Emphasis added by me.

Yep, the Internet is going to start becoming a poorer place. Entire vast sites will begin to just disappear.

And then there's this hell:
Apple, he says, is going to start selling iPhones via Costco at $149 starting in January.

Wait. What? That makes no sense. If he said it was the iPod Touch, I could believe it.

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