Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Personal: So, Last Night ...

... I went to sleep about 9:55PM EST. Took a transistor radio to bed with me to listen to the coverage.

A whole bunch more states were to be announced at 11PM.

But Ohio had already gone for Obama, so I knew it was over. I knew it was over at 9PM.

At about 10:20PM, it was lights out for me.

Slipped into the land of Morpheus by surprise.

Had some weird dreams I do not recall.

Woke at 1AM, hearing a radio host saying Obama's acceptance speech had occurred about forty-five minutes earlier.

Listened for noise outside.

No noise.

Went back to sleep.

I still haven't seen the video of the speeches of either McCain or Obama.

And I'm interested to see what Ralph Nader's final vote slice turned out to be.

Now, can everybody just STFU about politics at least until Inauguration Day?

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