Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ralph Nader: No Compromise

This is why I voted for him.

From his open letter (sent via email) to then-Senator Obama, I quote this:
Should you be elected President, it must be more than an unprecedented upward career move following a brilliantly unprincipled campaign that spoke "change" yet demonstrated actual obeisance to the concentration power of the "corporate supremacists." It must be about shifting the power from the few to the many. It must be a White House presided over by a black man who does not turn his back on the downtrodden here and abroad but challenges the forces of greed, dictatorial control of labor, consumers and taxpayers, and the militarization of foreign policy. It must be a White House that is transforming of American politics-- opening it up to the public funding of elections (through voluntary approaches)-- and allowing smaller candidates to have a chance to be heard on debates and in the fullness of their now restricted civil liberties. Call it a competitive democracy.

Your presidential campaign again and again has demonstrated cowardly stands. "Hope" some say springs eternal." But not when "reality" consumes it daily.

Ralph Nader Asks: Obama - Uncle Sam Or Uncle Tom?

And Fox News -- Fox News?!!? -- suddenly has a dose of Obama Luv?

Give me a fucking break!

This is Fox News:

Fox News Jokes About Killing Obama

And so is this:


Lots more at YouTube for anyone who wants to bother plopping in "fox news obama" as a search term.

Come back after the Obamamoon is over and Fox begins to inveigh against him again. And again. And again. And again.

Meanwhile, give up it to wikipedia for already having the reference in its entry: Uncle Tom

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