Monday, November 10, 2008

Stephen Fry Shares

Legendary actor, writer, and bon vivant Stephen Fry is on some sort of all-expenses-paid jaunt to either do a documentary series or provide a media company with a nice tax write-off.

He's been sending out tweets with stunning pictures.

I am tempted to steal borrow clone some his pictures, but I'll respect the wishes of TwitPic, which provides embedding code. Click on these pathetically-small thumbnails to see some breathtaking things and to read Fry's accompanying text:

Their trunks are like water bottles: the camels of the forest. x on TwitPic

Crazy tree. They say the animals were each given a tree to pl... on TwitPic

I think you can tell here that he's male. View of his "tomato... on TwitPic

Like so many creatures in Madagascar, he looks a little as he... on TwitPic

They go up trees headfirst (naturally) but also down headfirs... on TwitPic

So feline. But not a true cat ... a member of the viverridae ... on TwitPic

It got a little tired of my propinquity and scuttled up this ... on TwitPic

Someone tweeted "cute". Hm. Carnivorous, fierce, merciless. E... on TwitPic

Disappeared after this. That night kept me awake as he and hi... on TwitPic

For that last one, I must quote the text!
Disappeared after this. That night kept me awake as he and his lady friend shagged themselves rotten. Sounded like a mass slaughter of warthogs.

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