Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Book Publishers: Twitter Marketing 101

As I mentioned earlier, I'm currently getting tweets from three publishers.

And I'm beginning to get annoyed by the lack of real information from them.

What these publishers should do is one of these two things:

1) Tweet the books that are being released on that day.

- or (and this would be preferred) -

2) Set up a section on their websites with a chronological list of releases and tweet that URL daily.

The second one would be more effective because it could be a tweet sent out every 2-3 hours (as news sites cycle their tweets) and would still allow room for PR tweets dealing with writers being interviewed or other things.

I'd really like to know what is being released each day, so I can check it out.

And publishers, make sure the book descriptions include a large version of the cover so, if I want to, I can reproduce it 440-pixels wide in my blogs.

Finally, Follow me, publishers, so I know you exist and can Follow you back (you can then stop Following me, if you choose). Trying to dig through the jillions of Twitter users for book publishers -- or anything else -- is a royal pain.

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