Saturday, October 25, 2008

eBook Devices: Color, The Final Frontier ...

Browsing but not Reading
We are now delivering a service for magazines in the Dazed group which allows users to browse these magazines for free, but not to read them properly. The browsing is limited to the two-page per screen view, at this resolution most text is unreadable but the pictures are fine. As each new issue is published it will be available in this browse mode until the succeeding issue appears. Here is the current issue of AnOtherMan. The site is simply branded for the magazine's style.

Exact Editions does what its name suggests: digital reproductions of existing print publications (books or magazines).

Click to browse an issue of AnOtherMan.

In my raving advocacy of eBooks, I'm usually tunnel-visioned blinded by what I want to read: digital versions of books. Books of the black type on white background variety.

But there's lots and lots out there (obviously) that's in color. Like this screensnap I stole from the above:

Click = big

I've raised the issue of color twice before -- in eBooks: Game Over When Color Happens and Sony Reader PRS-700: Part Three -- but I'd forgotten about the monster effort that's put into fashion advertisements. That stuff screams for a fast-refresh high-resolution full-color OLED screen.

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