Friday, October 24, 2008

Sony Reader Items For Oprah Friday

On this day when Oprah will announce her love for the abominable Kindle, I think some Sony Reader items are needed as a counterattack tonic.

YouTube introduction to The Reader Revolution:

The Reader Revolution has a YouTube Channel.

The Reader Revolution has a Flickr page with a daily photo of Dave Farrow.

Dave Farrow on Day 23(!) of his incredible 30.

The Reader Revolution has a Facebook page.

From Day 21:
Today was great because I have a visitor in my bedroom/window, the author Diana Spechler who wrote “Who By Fire.” I just started reading it at the time of this blog and I have to go back in the window to finish it. So far though, I like her humor and her wit. It is a great tale.

The Reader Revolution has a MySpace Page.

From Day 23:
Guest blog post from author Diana Spechler

I was thrilled to be invited into Dave's "room" yesterday to read my new novel from the Sony Reader. An event coordinator put up a sign to attract attention (Now reading Who By Fire by Diana Spechler), and set up a speaker on the sidewalk, so that Midtown pedestrians of all ages could hear me read a few scenes.

And, of course, there's the SonyStyle page for the Sony Reader itself.

Plus, I'm throwing a previously-unpublished photo from the PRS-700 launch, showing the Reader Revolutionary T-shirt:

Oprah, you are leading your flock astray! Repent!

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