Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Covers And Spelling: Both Matter!

Another bread crumb trail led to this, which began at The Life of a Publisher blog.

I was meaning to follow the Blog Book Tour mentioned here, only to have it somehow hijacked when I saw this great cover:

I followed that to an interview with the writer and then, alas, to the site for the book itself where my interest was just about derailed by a book trailer for it. A book trailer that contained this spelling land mine:

Three things:

1) That's inexcusable

2) As soon as it was pointed out, the trailer should have been pulled and corrected

3) It makes me wonder if I'd find the book itself filled with such sloppiness

My initial enthusiasm to read this book has hit a speedbump. (Which really is bad, as it's available in Sony Reader eBook format!)

How many others might have been repelled by that too?

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