Thursday, October 23, 2008

Writer Cliff Burns: Podcast Of His eBook

“So Dark the Night” Podcast–Episode 1
Thanks to the technical acumen of my lovely wife, we now have the first 20 minutes or so of So Dark the Night available for your listening pleasure. In all, we’ve recorded the initial 75 pages as a teaser and, depending on feedback from readers and listeners, we may do the whole novel.

Well, dahhhyum.

When I wrote about Harlan Ellison, I stated:
I’d finally read Spider Kiss in the past year. But I understood only after the film that it would have been better if Harlan had read it to me. I couldn’t pick up on his cadences. He read a passage from it — a passage I recalled reading and thinking about at the time — and was shocked that I didn’t really get it until the words came out of his mouth. The emotion he imbued the words with were lacking in my own mind.

The same thing just happened to me listening to Cliff read his free eBook, So Dark the Night.

Again: Dahhhyum.

It's frikkin terrific! It's like listening to an Old Time Radio broadcast. He parses his sentences in ways my brain wouldn't. And I listened, astonished.

Go get the podcast!

And Cliff? More!

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