Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oprah To Flog Abominable Kindle?!

This is probably the most disturbing tweet I've received:

Of course I clicked the link: Oprah’s Favorite Gadget - Oprah’s Kindle crush will boost Kindle sales

There are screensnaps there.

I did my own investigation.

Although he mentions Amazon video, I couldn't find that.

So, I ripped the video from Oprah's site (sue me!). I had to convert it due to my crappy PC. Then I carefully went through it. It's ambiguous for the most part, but I think I did catch a glimpse of white plastic near the bottom edge of the screen as she was handling it:

Best snap I could get.

I've posted about Oprah here before:

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The key one being this: Oprah, Get A Sony Reader!

I even wrote to my then-contact at Sony at the time, telling him to get a Sony Reader into Oprah's hands. I was told:
We have tried many times with her. We will continue.

Apparently, it was all FAIL.

Now Oprah is going with the abominable Kindle!

All of you Oprah fans who are going to be hitting this site, read this post.

And hey, when all your eBooks go south on you due to DRM issues or Amazon switching to a different file format, remember that Oprah told you to buy it.

Enjoy The Lockdown!

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