Friday, October 24, 2008

Sony Reader Gets Review Luv

Forbes: Gadgets We Love - Sony Reader
What about the Amazon Kindle, you ask? To my taste, the putative advantages of the Kindle--Wi-Fi, a keyboard--are in fact its weaknesses. (Sony says Wi-Fi will come in future Reader models; the latest one, released earlier this month, has an onscreen keyboard.) I know myself well enough to realize that given Wi-Fi connectivity, I will take advantage of it and wander off to when I should be paying attention to Jane Austen. It takes maybe 15 seconds to buy a book using my PC and download it to the Reader. Such gratification is instant enough for me.

He has the same fear of wireless I do: it would tempt me away from reading!

Computer Shopper UK: Sony Reader (4 stars)
The Reader is more refined and user-friendly than the iLiad and, although smaller, it's just as comfortable to read, much lighter and feels more sturdy. It isn't cheap, but it's almost half the price of the iLiad. However, £200 is still a lot to pay to read a book, and we hope to see prices come down as more eBook readers are released.

Well, it's not £200 to read one eBook, sport. It's to read jillions of eBooks. But you liked it, so a pat on the head to you.

The Sony Reader: Not ugly. And available in red!

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