Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Internet Of Bullshit

CNet -- which really should embrace Open ID because why the hell would anyone really want to set up a separate account for them just to Comment -- reveals that the Corporate Grab of the Internet continues:

Inventor of the Internet takes aim at BitTorrent
Roberts claims that the Anagran devices also ensure that high-priority traffic, like VOIP and video streams, can be guaranteed better performance.

Emphasis added by me.


Since when has VOIP been deemed "high-priority" -- and by whom?

You're going to tell me that two nitwits chattering about utter bullshit over Skype is more important than other traffic on the Net?

And what's this about streaming video being "high-priority" too?

You mean some mouth-breather catching last night's repeat of Deal or No Deal is more important than data traffic on the Net?

Who the hell says so?

It's this kind of raping of the Net for corporate interests that's going to keep the pirates and the hackers and the system subversionists around for decades and decades.

And I say good!

The sooner the Anagran devices are deployed, the sooner they can be busted.

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