Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You've Been Google-Burgled!

The Google Earth gatecrashers who take uninvited dips in home-owners' swimming pools
Would-be revellers are using satellite images on the internet to find houses with swimming pools - and then turning up uninvited for an impromptu dip.

The craze involves using the Google Earth programme, which provides high-quality aerial photos of Britain and other countries.

Once a target is chosen, the organisers use social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo to arrange to meet, say police.

Here is your dark future.

Google Earth goes to real-time live satellite images. Better than what was dramatized in Patriot Games.

And that nifty phone you have with Google's Android OS? The one with the GPS built-in?

It's tied into Google Real-Time Live Earth.

So your friends can find you.

But so can all the villains.

Thief One: Oi! That geek asshole finally left his crib.

Thief Two: Yeah. Keep tracking that eejit. Call me if he comes back while I'm in his place.

Thief One: Don't forget that fly PC we saw delivered yesterday!

Thief Two: Damn straight I won't!

You don't think it will happen?


Meantime, there's a good business to be had making camouflage pool covers ...

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