Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ralph Nader On Democracy Now!

So, to sum it up, really, our campaign is to subordinate corporate power to the sovereignty of the people. Why is that a radical notion? Doesn’t the Constitution start with “We the people”?

The online video is here. (Note that link is probably valid only today, on June 18, 2008; I will see if I can update it. Update: Link updated.) Nader begins at about 47:50 (the timer goes backwards to 00:00).

There's a transcript to read here.

Ralph Nader will be in New York City this evening. That deserves its own post.

Meanwhile, if you're still going to vote for one of the two Dominant Corporate Parties but don't feel good about that, Nader brought up a site called Vote Pact:

Go there to save your soul. And to save America!

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