Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ULCPC News: Razorbook 400, MSI Wind

I really wasn't going to post more, but GottaBeMobile has a little video preview about that odd tiny Razorbook 400 that I've only seen mentioned at the Laptop magazine blog.

It intrigues me due to its limitations. No built-in Wi-Fi. That would equal distraction-free writing. I couldn't "take a short break" from writing, pop onto the Net, and eighteen jillion hours later, lose the impetus to actually write.

I look forward to GottaBeMobile's additional coverage, especially about its teeny keyboard.

The one bit of MSI Wind news I have comes from nearly-local retailer RK Computers, one of two NY-area retailers listed at the MSI Mobile site.

I asked them:
You are listed by MSI as one of 2 sellers in NY. Will you be carrying the MSI Wind?

And they replied:
When released, the eta is end of this month, maybe middle of next.

Hmmm ... middle of July?

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