Monday, June 23, 2008

The Man Is Wise. Listen!

Lowered standards.

There are so many people out there, living on the street. Eating out of garbage cans.

Fighting eachother over squat houses, or food, or shelters.

It hurts me to know that these people are forced into this situation because of the way America works.

You must dedicate your whole life to work. Physically torture yourself day after day after day, with a smile on your face.

Killing your soul for 8 dollars an hour? No fucking thank you.

I would rather go back on the street than bust my ass for minimum wage.

There should be more places where people can go in between jobs, it takes a long time to find the right job for you, especially if you don't have many skills.

It's a bitch to get that job, too, if you live a certain life style.

Society has such high expectations and such a low tolerance for people who stray from what they believe is the "right" path.

Fuck all you hypocritical sons of bitches, it's hard enough trying to make ends meet with a job. Without a job you're basically dead.

I wish that everyone just automatically received the things they need to survive, and only had to pay for the privelages, like Cable TV, Internet, cell phones, gasoline, pizza, cigarettes, weed, crack, or whatever your bag is.

But no, you have to pay for toilet paper, food, water, a bed to sleep on, and a place to use the bathroom.

And god forbid you get hurt and you don't have a job.

You're fucked then.

Anyways, just a few things to think about next time you turn your nose up at some homeless man asking for change... there does need to be a change. There shouldn't be homeless people. There shouldn't be hungry people. But there are.

Think about it.

And how did they get into this situation to begin with? Why is it that they can not have good jobs and all that?

Because society today has lowered it's own standards, and people aren't expected to do as much at a young age. All you have to do is go to school, do your homework, clean your room, wipe the dirt off of your face, and for god's sake, pull up your pants.

But in certain areas, School means you get shipped off in a bus full of people that hate you, to a school full of people who are just waiting untill nobody is looking so that they can beat the shit out of you, and if you tell the teacher, your parent, or any other adult, they call you a snitch and you get beaten up that much more.

I didn't drop out of high school, I got kicked out because I couldn't stand it anymore. Instead of taking my beating like a good boy, I fought back, I shoved someone into the middle of the street, right in front of a car. I threw a chair through the teacher's lounge window, I smoked weed on campus and I didn't give a fuck.

And now I've got a shitty job, a shitty place to live, and a shitty landlord who won't shut up about rent being due.

Nobody's life is perfect, but people should have a chance. Where you live shouldn't dictate how good or bad your life should be. Who gave birth to you shouldn't dictate how good or bad your life should be.

But it does.

And it's wrong.

That's the end of my rant.


Buckminster Fuller wrote:
I then said, "I see the hydrogen atom doesn't have to earn a living before behaving like a hydrogen atom. In fact, as best I can see, only human beings operate on the basis of 'having to earn a living.' The concept is one introduced into social conventions only by the temporal power structure's dictums of the ages. If I am doing what God's evolutionary strategy needs to have accomplished, I need spend no further time worrying about such matters.["]

Unfortunately, I didn't note the book's title.

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