Thursday, June 26, 2008

TV Networks Are Using A Leaking Service

Since the cat has been let out of the bag by NewTeeVee, I can now publish this:

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It's interesting that these leaks are all coming from one source.

I now think there is a company -- if not a division of an ad agency -- that's putting all of these up on the Net.

As a network-approved professional service.

I've also caught and seen Raising the Bar -- Steven Bochco's new lawyer drama -- which was also placed outside of BitTorrent access. (Which really is the best way to go; it's faster than P2P.)

(No, I won't be posting about that. Leverage is special. Raising the Bar is ... good, just not special. It has great music, though.)

How long do the networks think they can count on this leaking to inspire Net chatter?

See this post about how war is being declared on BitTorrent.

You Suits had better all get together and decide just what the hell is more important: a Net that can generate buzz or one that's locked down and works against your best interests?

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