Thursday, June 26, 2008


I'm listening to a BBC Radio program about H.P. Lovecraft (found via Warren Ellis) and at 4:54 into the first segment, I hear this:
Kelly Link is one of the most important new writers in American fiction. Her work crosses boundaries between science-fiction, horror, and mainstream.

That's news to me.

So I went to wikipedia: Kelly Link.

And there I found a link to a free ebook (scroll down for the free part), Stranger Things Happen. (It also raised a question in my mind: Why the hell hasn't anyone converted it to Sony Reader format?)

Anyway, I still don't really know who she is. I guess that's because she's done mostly short stories and I tend to stick to novels.

But I've got her ebook. Well, the Endless Unarranged Backlog does.


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