Saturday, June 28, 2008

ULCPC/Subnote News From J&R

I stopped in to J&R this morning.

The Asus 900 is back in stock. But it's only in white.

They don't know if they will be carrying the MSI Wind.

The definitely will not be carrying the Acer Aspire One! That was a surprise.

And there was a new subnotebook I'd never even heard of before: from Sylvania, of all brand names!

Those are crappy pics taken with the Philips crapcam. As you can see, it's point-and-pray.

The big white logo you can't make out underneath the screen is SYLVANIA in VERY LARGE LETTERS SO IT CAN BE SEEN ON GOOGLE EARTH.

Speaking of Google, a search there shows it on sale at TigerDirect, from which I have swiped these better photos:

Anyone who is familiar with the Everex Cloudbook can immediately see this is an improved model. Gone are the mouse controls at the top sides; they've been moved below the keyboard. They are tiny, but respond well.

Right next to it was the Asus 900. Closely inspecting the keyboards of each, I'd say the Sylvania keys are a touch smaller than the 900. The other thing, the Sylvania's keyboard had some bulgey flex to it. However, if you can get accustomed to the small keyboard, typing shouldn't otherwise be a problem.

Plastic quality and build are good. It didn't feel cheap, there were no rough edges.

The lid was shiny black plastic with a honking big lower-case G on it. Interior plastic is matte black.

Size and weight were good.

I was a bit taken by it until I heard the J&R price: $450.00!

Yeah, just $50 less than the MSI Wind. The MSI Wind that has a larger screen, larger keyboard, larger hard drive, and built-in Bluetooth.

Which now makes me wonder about the fate of the original $399.00 Asus EeePCs too. How can someone justify going $100 less and getting so much less compared to the Wind?

And what about the current Asus 900? J&R has it for $549.00 -- $49 more than the Wind.

I think Asus is going to have to do some real price adjustments. But does Asus realize that?

Just as Asus came in and shook up the price equation, so has MSI come along to shake it up again.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I didn't mention what gOS was like on the Sylvania, I couldn't get into it! Some knob put a login password on the demo unit and none of the J&R staff know what it is! But, gee, the screen was still nice, sharp, and bright.

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