Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quote: Eleanor Randolph

Reading Into the Future
Although the electronic reader has been around for years, I finally bought one last week — in this case a Kindle from Some computer snobs tend to dismiss the Kindle, or its chief competitor, the Sony Reader, as not being quite there yet. That’s fine. Not quite there yet is an almost perfect description of my own technological skills, which, I confess, were stretched to their limits recently by a hotel clock radio.

Emphasis added by me.

I will continue to shove this issue in the pale faces of the technologists.

At some point, a light bulb will go on in their geeky heads.

Heed the post, A Gadget Too Far!

Here is an educated woman who is paid to write for the New York Times. (Have you been?) This is not the prejudiced mental picture of a drooling Eejit User you lot keep in your mind to prop up your social skill-deficient ego. If someone with a brain is telling you that things have gotten out of hand, Start Paying Attention, goddammit.

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