Thursday, June 19, 2008

Straight-Up Jackasses

These are the exact kind of pricks who pass me in the street and sneer; these are the well-groomed bastards who walk the fancy corridors of corporations; these are the "entitled" slime who will destroy all of us.

US N-weapons parts missing, Pentagon says
The US military cannot locate hundreds of sensitive nuclear missile components, according to several government officials familiar with a Pentagon report on nuclear safeguards.

Robert Gates, US defence secretary, recently fired both the US Air Force chief of staff and air force secretary after an investigation blamed the air force for the inadvertent shipment of nuclear missile nose cones to Taiwan.

According to previously undisclosed details obtained by the FT, the investigation also concluded that the air force could not account for many sensitive components previously included in its nuclear inventory.

One official said the number of missing components was more than 1,000.

Emphasis added by me.

That terrorist nuke that will someday go off in America?

Parts of it will no doubt have little labels that read, Made In America.

Thanks a lot, you Suited fuckheads.

When you read your Bible, those scum Pharisees who Jesus condemned? You're their descendants!

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