Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blog Notes: The XP War Chronicles

Baseball bats to the heads of everyone who works at Microsoft.

Won't do any damage.

No intelligent life is employed at that company, apparently.

I downloaded a registry cleaner that offers full functionality for 30 days (my undying gratitude to RegSupreme Pro). It ripped alot of dead skin off the body of the registry. Things feel faster already.


YouTube still plays like shit.


And I've still got a damned 16K System Idle Process stealing CPU time. I've turned off avast! automatic update notification. Next I think I'll do the same to Windows Update.

I think I need to give RegSupreme Pro another go. I tried Aggressive mode, but it seemed to get caught at some point and I aborted. I've since restarted, so the cleanup it did is now in effect and maybe that will help.

Back to the Die You Microsoft Bastards Die campaign ...

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