Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quote: Jim

In a Comment at Booksquare:
However, it struck me: the old media dudes have no reason why people become bloggers. It’s a mystery to them. I mean, if you can write well, why aren’t you writing for them?

I don’t think that they get that not every single well-versed, passionate writer about a particular subject ends up writing about it for a huge corporation.

Oh yeah.

Reminds me of my first full-time job when I mentioned I once published some fanzines. The conversation went like this:

Suit: Did you make money at it?

Me: No.

Suit: Then why did you do it?

Me: Because I liked doing it.

Suit: [That Look that = You're a Nutbag and a Threat]*

*By the way, he was right. We're all on the thing he feared and never believed would come to pass: the Net!

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