Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Suit Bastard Print Publishers NAILED!

18/07/08: Faber Finds & the new business of POD
POD does offer a huge opportunity for publishers, but these current offerings from Faber and PFD appear to have more to do with hanging on to the rights to these works than any genuine desire to see them prosper. The rights to books that are out of print for a particular length of time revert to the author, and while the new technologies have muddied this issue somewhat, the lack of care and attention given to these reprints smacks of opportunism rather than any genuine benefit to readers or the authors’ estates.

Damn right.

I saw this shit coming.

They will use any goddammed trick they can devise to keep their fangs in a writer's neck until not only have they sucked out all the blood, they've also sucked out the appendix!

I am telling every single writer right now: Hammer the shit out of your publisher on your contract. Sic your agent on them to release unused rights. If that doesn't work, sic a Harlan Ellison special delivery corpse of a gopher at them!

Anyone who is out there contemplating signing a contract that gives any portion of your e rights to a publisher, take that contract and shred it if they won't get their paws off those rights. They have no right to them. Those rights are what will allow you to stay "in print" -- in e -- while they give your p book a shitty print run, no publicity, and then bitch about the bookstore returns.

Print publishing is nothing but a scam today to grab as many rights as they can so they can profit from e in the future.

They don't give a fuck about you or your future.

And they know the jig is up and the day is coming when you won't need them.

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