Sunday, July 27, 2008

Free Almost-eBook From Jason Pinter

Via MySpace Bulletin:
Through August 5th, you can read the entire, uncut text of the critically acclaimed, award nominated first Henry Parker novel, THE MARK, for FREE!

[...] [A]t, click on the "Browse this Book" link, and you'll have full access to the book that has been nominated for three awards and optioned to be a major motion picture.

Now is the perfect time to see what all the fuss is about, or to let your friends and family know about the series!

Plus, if you help spread the word, I will personally thank you in the acknowledgments page of a Henry Parker novel to be published in 2009!

Emphasis added by me.

I would have done it without the payola, but now I want my payola, dammit!

I say it's an "almost ebook" because it's one of those read- on- your- monitor things:

Click = big

But it actually can be read. The text is black, not faded gray. Clicking enlarges the page:

Click = big

On my pathetic PC, it takes seconds to turn a page. All of you with better machines can probably zip from page to page. If I could, I'd read it. The opening paragraph hooked me:

Yeah, that's killer.

Go to Read THE MARK--for free!! for the reading link.

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