Monday, July 28, 2008

Cuil: FAIL!

Former Googleers unveil Cuil, a new search engine
A start-up led by former star Google engineers on Sunday unveiled a new Web search service that aims to outdo the Internet search leader in size, but faces an uphill battle changing Web surfing habits.

Cuil Inc (pronounced "cool") is offering a new search service at that the company claims can index, faster and more cheaply, a far larger portion of the Web than Google, which boasts the largest online index.

Wow. I mean HUGE FAIL here.

Of course the first search item anyone uses to test out a search engine is a vanity search. Because we all know our online presence best.

Well this sucker splashed so much crap on the screen in such a random fashion -- with many links actually pointing to nowhere -- that I sat there agog.

I didn't even bother trying another search time. Waste of time.


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