Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blog Notes: Intolerable PC Speed

I wish I had a video camera so all of you could see how frikkin slow this PC has gotten.

Now if I try to go beyond seven Firefox tabs, it just about dies.

Hello! I need to have six Fox tabs open to begin with: YMail, two for the WordPress blog, two for the Blogger backup blog, and my Bookmarks page!

So now I'm left with one tab to do other sites in!!

Someone -- probably several someone -- needs to be beaten with a baseball bat at Microsoft. How can they shove update after update down the pike without any regard to how much additional RAM they're confiscating from users? I should be charging you pig bastards rent on this PC! How many of these goddammed updates do I actually really need?! What obscure shit have you shoved into my PC that I won't actually ever freakin use?!

A year ago this PC was agile and nimble. I could do work on it pretty quickly. It might not have been the fastest thing on earth -- but it was fast enough not to aggravate me!

Now all it does it torment me moment by moment!

I can no longer have Firefox and the My Pictures folder open at the same time. If I want to do some lite image editing, I have to bail out of Fox to do it!

I have no choice but to shut everything down all day tomorrow and do another thorough scan of this machine.

Yes: All day tomorrow. That's how long the last one took!

I hope you are utterly destroyed, Microsoft. I hope your company is eviscerated by governments across the globe. You deserve it. You've earned it.

You're robbing me of an entire day tomorrow.

Die, you bastards!

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