Friday, July 25, 2008

Blog Notes: XP War Rages On

I've just kicked Firefox 3 out of my PC. Fox 3 never felt right, was never as fast as they claimed (for this PC, at least), and there were small touches about it that just make me aesthetically nauseous (why the hell was the line spacing off in some right-click pop-up menus?).

Rolled back to But what I really want is! And I can't find it at their damned site! worked fine. Then they had to frikkin update me! (Never again will I ever do Automatic Updates for anything!!)

YouTube still skips.

vlc still skips.

And here's a real kick in the head: Videos that skip in vlc play fine in that crappy Windows Media Player!

You gonna try and tell me this shit isn't Microsoft deliberate sabotage?

Your days are numbered with me, Microsoft! And with millions of other people too!

Go read the braying of that dancing monkey boy Steve Ballmer, in an email he sent to all the Microsoftheads. Clearly he still doesn't have one goddammed clue.

Let me set my own agenda for Microsoft:

1) All those third-party utilities I've had to grab to try to fix XP? You should provide every single one for free!

2) We should always be able to turn back Software Updates thoroughly. I'd still like to roll back one more point level -- which was before everything turned to shit on this PC -- but I can't find a way!

3) Fuck off trying to horn in on Flash with Silverlight. Flash is a big bitch as it is to deal with and you expect us to add yours? Here's a one-word answer for you: NEVER!

4) Kill the Zune. Period.

5) Kill your idiotic ZunePhone plans.

6) Start over with a brand-new OS. Get rid of all this legacy bullshit that's clogging everything up!

7) In every major city you should have a service office where we can bring our clogged-up machines for you to unclog. You clogged them, now unclog them, dammit! Anyone who brings in a PC that shows skipping in YouTube or vlc gets the unclogging done for FREE. Bite that pill, bitch!

8) ALL steps of Startup and Shutdown should have the option of being displayed step-by-step with options to kill each step permanently. What the hell is going on that it's now taking XP about two goddammed minutes to shut down?! Trying explaining that in plain English to all the millions of people you're daily stealing that time from!

9) Stop thinking you're going to conquer the world. You will never again have the dominance you once had. You've screwed too many people with your arrogance, your rushed products, your total half-assedness. If Apple ever went under, that wouldn't help you. You've already created millions of people so disgusted with your OS that we'd switch to Linux. And that population is going to grow. That's your new reality.

Previously here: -- the shit I've had to put up with this week because of Microsoft!

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