Wednesday, July 23, 2008

James Kendrick Is A Cheap Sell-Out!

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

The details are here but this is the salient quote:
My early morning routine has changed since I picked up the iPhone 3G, and I feel it's for the better. The first thing I do each morning is catch up with my email followed by tracking my RSS feeds for items that interest me that appeared overnight. The iPhone 3G has become my go-to device for those two chores because it handles it so well. Even with the deluge of email waiting for me this morning I sped through them all on the iPhone in just a short time. I responded when necessary and spun through the rest with ease while sitting in my comfy chair in the living room. True mobility at work. I then opened up Google Reader on the iPhone and hit my RSS feeds. The iPhone interface that Google has developed for Reader is masterful and I was able to spin through hundreds of items in short order. I tapped the star for items to save for later or tapped the article title for those I wanted to read right then. Google Reader for the iPhone opens the article inline when I do that so reading quick items is much faster than on the desktop version. It is simply masterful how they have made this mobile version work.

His own words condemn him!

I predicted his downfall Ascension into the Light in James Kendrick Is Just So Toast!, wherein I asked:
This Friday, James, the iPhone 3G comes out!

Where will your prized HTC Advantage be then, eh?

His Advantage is bitterly, bitterly weeping. Like little girlie tech! It ought to be repainted pink!!

Oh yeah, Kendrick also has some kind of announcement about his blog or something. Feh, as if that could matter compared to this!

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