Saturday, July 26, 2008

You're All Wrong: It's The iPod Air!

I just don't give a damn how many people repeat this stupid rumor about a "MacBook Touch."

You. Are. All. W.r.o.n.g.!

What planet are you people living on that you think Apple is suddenly going to develop a touchscreened notebook at a price point that's going to impact their future earnings?! Has Apple suddenly become a charity?

Asus had problems delivering a $199 subnotebook! The price creep on the Asus EeePC is such that it now bumps up against the price of low-end full-size notebooks. That nearly puts portability back where it was to begin with: at a premium price! And, hello McFly! The EeePC has no touchscreen.

You all really think that Apple's code genii have been busy overhauling a desktop OS to be finger-friendly?

They already have a finger-friendly OS: the iPhone OS!

I've seen the SpyMac image. It's a crock.

The OS is not optimized in any way for fingertip selection either in menus or the file selector. It looks like what Microsoft would envision a MacBook Touch to be.

People with intact memories will recall a more convincing fake image that circulated before the MacBook Air was finally introduced:

And what did Apple actually release? Something with absolutely no resemblance to that.

There have been plausible image leaks in the past. The iPod Nano got leaked.

But if any of you are expecting the iPod Air to be leaked, don't hold your breath. Apple just extended the NDA on the iPhone OS SDK. That means any developer who leaks about upcoming device resolution independence features -- the key point that would reveal an iPod Air -- will be toast.

And when the iPod Air is finally released, remember that all of you read about it here first.

And, baby, I own iPodAir over at WordPress. So stand by for action.

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